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Study at Hogwarts. Fight in the Camp Half-Blood. Travel in a blue box. Walk in the Shire. Investigate with consulting detectives. Earthbending with the Avatar. Hunt with the Winchesters. Survive in the arena. Live in Camelot. Seat on the Iron Throne. Meet Ted. Geek with Leonard. Resolve crimes with Shawn and Gus. ALWAYS

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Flawless people list
01/?? : David Tennant 

« Actors often have a reputation for being ludicrous and arrogant, and I don’t think either are necessary and I think because you produce work collectively it’s important to be respectful and receptive, and frankly there’s too many of us. It’s an overcrowded profession, so there’s no excuse for behaving like a twat. And I don’t like people who do.»  

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